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I want to shop at a store called forever 31

Where everything is stretchy and soft.

Also there is soothing music playing at a reasonable volume and free coffee or vodka depending on the time of day

 I laughed way too hard at this

I’m in Target right now and i just overhead a woman tell her daughter, “com on baby. Daddy will be home around 8:30 and we have to beat him there to hide all the clothes we are buying.” I110% think i just saw a glimpse of my future

ain’t that the truth

Being an adult is 90% worrying about money and 10% spending money you don’t have on treats because you’ve worried a lot this week.

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@circleofidiots 😂❤️

Bruh, music festival girls are tough as fuck. What other kind of girl can walk around for 10 hours in the sun and survive on a single order of chicken strips?

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